Angel City Games 2019 presented by The Hartford

Mentorship Program Overview

This year’s event marks the launch of our new Angel City Games Athlete Mentorship Program, which was inspired by a young man named Alpha Armstrong and everyone who kept him surrounded with friendship, love and support – only three-months post-injury – at the 2018 Games.

Ultimate Goal:
To provide athletes – new to adaptive sports and / or new to the games in 2019 – with a dedicated friend, supporter, advisor, role model, and listener for the weekend. Benefits include a greater feeling of connection, improved social skills, and increased self-esteem.

Mentorship Matching:
Mentors and Mentees will have two opportunities to be introduced to one another:

      ● Thursday, June 20, at the Athlete Resource Night, or
      ● Friday, June 21, at our Great Games Family Cookout

To participate in the Athlete Mentorship program, begin your Athlete Registration process and answer one of the following questions:

      ● Are you interested in being mentored by an experienced adaptive Athlete?
      ● Are you interested in becoming an Athlete Mentor?

For more information on the Athlete Mentorship Program please contact Sarah Carey at .

2019 Angel City Games

June 20-23, 2019
Drake Stadium - UCLA
340 Bruin Walk
Los Angeles, CA 90095

The annual Angel City Games
is produced by:

Angel City Sports